Research plays a key role in fulfilling PMAP´s mission of advancing sound people management practices. As such, all research initiatives are closely aligned with PMAP´s Development Plan; in particular, serving its three components: advocacy, membership service, and professional development.

  • Advocacy. PMAP’s Development Plan sees advocacy as a process of building awareness, alliances and action. In this regard, research serves as an important input in creating awareness and action. At the enterprise level, research provides examples on the sound people management practices that the Association advocates. Meanwhile, at the macro-level, research allows PMAP to create informed policy positions thereby enabling the Association to effectively participate in national decision- and policy-making.
  • Membership Service. Research as membership service refers to data and tools that members use in the practice of the profession. The goal here is for research to provide benchmark data as well as references for people management principles and practices.
  • Professional Development. Aside from providing data for use in the daily practice of the profession, research also consolidates information on emergent issues of concern to people management. Hence, research aims to keep the Association’s stakeholders updated on trends in the pro




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