People Manager of the Year

Objective of the Award
The People Manager of the Year (PMY) Award recognizes the HR practitioner who has imbibed and modelled the strategic role of human resources in the organizations he has been connected with through the exceptional people initiatives and programs addressing business challenges. The awardee continues to make significant contribution to the development of the HR profession. He is actively involved in advocacy and community work. He strives to continuously achieve personal mastery and a balanced life and is known for his integrity, fairness and sincerity.

Criteria for the Award

  1. Solid Track record in HR (60%) - Through understanding of the company’s business challenges, the candidate is able to develop a people roadmap aligned with the vision, goals and directions.
  2. Contribution to the HR Profession (20%) - The candidate is a strong advocate in the development of the HR profession. He/she has influenced the evolution of human resource practices by his/her active involvement in various organizations like PMAP where the HR professional has occupied various roles. Other ways of contributing to the profession include speaking engagements, best practices sharing, research and publications.
  3. Personal Mastery (10%) - This refers to the individual’s ability to harmonize the different facets of a person’s life be it personal or professional. He/she espouses continuous self-development in various aspects of life (physical, emotional, etc.). He/she models work-life balance. He/she is recognized by colleagues, peers, subordinates, and the company he/she works for as being able to balance the different facets of life and is also known to exhibit fairness, integrity and sensitivity.
  4. Community Involvement (10%) - The candidate imbibes the spirit of giving back and is actively involved in advocacies that address key social issues like education, environment, uplifting the status of society, health, etc. He/she is a role model in spreading the spirit of volunteerism seen through the advocacies he/she stands for.

Rules of the Award

  1. Nominations for the People Manager of the Year are open only to all PMAP national/chapter members in good standing.
  2. Nominations shall be endorsed by either a PMAP member/chapter in good standing or by a member of any nationally-recognized organization (such as the Jaycees, Rotary Club, Kiwanis, Lions, PCCI, ECOP, Industry and Functional Groups, etc.). Self-nomination is also allowed.
  3. Previous People Manager of the Year nominees may again be nominated for the same category provided there is a two (2)-year gap between the date of the last nomination (e.g. a nominee who vied for the award in 2016 may only be nominated again in 2019).
  4. The accomplished Nomination Form must be received by the Chairperson of the Awards Committee on or before 28 February 2018. All eligible Nominees will be notified and then requested to submit the Data Form. The PMY Data Form can be downloaded at www.awards.pmap.org.ph
  5. The PMAP Award Committee reserves the right to validate all claims officially presented by the nominees.
  6. The Board of Judges composed of distinguished men and women representing various sectors/industries will deliberate on the merits of each of the nominees and select the final winner of the awards.
  7. Should there be inconsistencies established which may materially affect the integrity of the nomination, due notice of the appropriate action to be taken by the committee shall be sent to the contact person.
  8. The PMAP Board of Directors shall confirm the decision of the Board of Judges, which shall be final and unappeasable.
  9. The Awards Committee, Board of Judges and PMAP Board Directors will not entertain or answer any requests for clarification from non-winners.
  10. Regional winners will be recognized during the respective PMAP regional summits.
  11. The winners of the national awards will only be revealed during the 42nd PMAP Awards Night.

Download the Nomination Form HERE
Deadline of Submission of Accomplished Nomination Form: 28 February 2018

Download the Data Form HERE
Deadline of Submission of Accomplished EOY Data Form: 28 February 2018




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