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People Management Association of the Philippines

The PMAP Human Resources Management FOundation, Inc. (PMAP Foundation) was duly incorporated with the Securities and Exchage Commission on September 23, 1991 with 15 Charter Members.


To promote the transcendent purpose of the People Management Association of the Philippines by way of:

Good corporate citizenship in the member companies
Mutual assistance
People Development projects
Sustainability of the Foundation through fund raising strategies.


A nation of socially responsible entrepreneurs, managers and workers.


To promote Good Governance Citizenship, i.e. good governance, ethics and behavior, and Damayan projects.
To empower people to better help themselves to become better entrepreneurs, managers and workers, i.e. SME HRM training, street entrepreneur development.
To help build sustainable support for projects in pursuance of the purpose of the Foundation, i.e. fund raising, donation and through CSR corporate


Overall Purpose of the Foundation

To promote the transcendent purposes of the People Management Association of the Philippines by way of the following:

Purpose 1: Promote good corporate citizenship in the member companies

Corporate Social Responsibility Programs in companies
Good Corporate Governance Training
Ethics and Value Training

Purpose 2: Mutual Assistance

Damayan for Individuals (individual enrollment)
Disaster Relief to help member companies through PMAP chapters
Pain Free Workplace (Chronic Pain Therapy)

Purpose 3: People Development

HRM Training for SMEs
Strepreneur Training
HRM Learning Sessions

Purpose 4: Sustainability of the Foundation Fund Raising Strategies:

Through revenues raised from above activies
Through membership fees in the Foundation - PMAP Incorporators and individuals
Through shared fund raising projects with the Community Chest Foundation, Inc. and other gaming schemes like lotteries.





people management association of the philippines

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