Employer of the Year

Objective of the Award
The Employer of the Year (EOY) Award aims to give recognition to a company that satisfactorily fulfills its people management responsibilities, as demonstrated by its leadership, dynamism, professionalism, strategic thinking and implementation, continuous improvement in HR processes and programs, linkage of HR to business objectives, and employee focus.

The EOY is meant to give public honor to the company for others to emulate its example.

Starting 2016, the Employer of the Year Criteria will now be adopted from the People Management Excellence Framework. This was crafted by Past President and PMAP Thought Leader Enrique V. Abadesco, DPM based on previous Employer of the Year Award winners. 

Criteria for the Award

  1. Line Management & HR Partnership (25%) - The driving attribute of a high perfoming people-focused organization is the partnership between HR and the line management. Senior leaders clearly articulate their belief that people are a key factor for business success and visibly demonstrate valuing people through HR programs of the company. HR is considered a strategic player and is credible to the operating managers who champion HR programs and take the lead in engaging their people. 
  2. Performance Focus (25%) - A key success factor among high performing organizations is their sharp focus on performance and results. In the private sector, profitability and business growth are key indicators of results. In the public sector, efficient and responsive service delivery to the citizenry are targeted results. Clear directions, strategies and values send strong signals for performance and help create a results-oriented culture. Plans and programs are well-deployed throughout the organization, systematically tracked at the unit and individual levels and are continuously improved. 
  3. Leadership Approaches (20%) - Excellent organizations institute and adopt programs and initiatives characterized as transformative, innovative and systematic. They are constantly trying to adapt to the changing challenges of their external environments, hence the presence of an open, change-friendly and continuous improvement mindset. The leadership style of leaders at all levels of the organization can be described as coaching, inspiring, and people engaging. 
  4. People Engagement (20%) - High performing and people-focused organizations tap the full potential of their workforce. They have multiple programs of eliciting employee participation and engagement, attend to their learning and development needs and systematically pay attention to their engagement levels and well-being needs. 
  5. Social Responsibility (5%) - A key responsibility given high importance to by excellent organizations is good citizenship, community relations and environmental protection. This attribute also covers business ethics, the protection of public health and safety, the promotion of volunteerism and the sharing of best practices. 
  6. HR Competence and Credibility (5%) - A pre-condition of the first attribute (line management and HR partnership) is the HR unit's competence and credibility. Credibility comes from the HR practitioners' personal values and professional maturity while competence comes from their conceptual, business, and HR functional expertise. 

Rules of the Award

  1. Nominations are open to all companies nationwide including non-PMAP corporate member.
  2. Nominations shall be endorsed by either a PMAP member of good standing or by a member of any nationally-recognized organization (such as the Jaycees, Rotary Club, Kiwanis, Lions, PCCI, ECOP, Industry and Functional Groups, etc.).
  3. Previous Employer of the Year nominees may again be nominated for the same category provided there is a two (2)-year gap between the date of the last nomination (e.g. companies that vied for the award in 2016 may only be nominated again in 2019). 
  4. Previous Employer of the Year winners may again be nominated for the same category provided there is a five (5)-year gap between the date of the last award and the date for this year’s nomination.
  5. The accomplished Nomination Form must be received by the Chairperson of the Awards Committee on or before 15 March 2017. All nominations will be screened by the PMAP Awards Committee. All eligible Nominees will be notified and then requested to submit the Data Form. The EOY Data Form can be downloaded at www.pmap.org.ph
  6. The PMAP Award Committee reserves the right to validate all claims officially presented by the nominees.
  7. The Board of Judges composed of distinguished men and women will deliberate on the merits of each of the nomination and select the final winners of the awards.
  8. Should there be inconsistencies established which may materially affect the integrity of the nomination due notice of the appropriate action to be taken by the committee shall be sent to the contact person.
  9. The PMAP Board of Directors shall confirm the decision of the Board of Judges, which shall be final and unappealable.
  10. The Awards Committee, Board of Judges and PMAP Board Directors will not entertain or answer any requests for clarification from non-winners.
  11. Winners will be informed at least one month before the Awards Night through a formal letter signed by the PMAP President, Awards Committee Director-in-Charge and Chairperson immediately after they are declared by the Board of Judges. This is to give the winners enough time to prepare for the Awards Night.
  12. The winners, Board of Judges, Board of Directors and Awards Committee Members shall be required to execute a Declaration of Confidentiality until the Awards Night.


Download the Nomination Form HERE

Deadline of Submission of Accomplished Nomination Form: 31 March 2017

Download the Data Form HERE
Deadline of Submission of Accomplished EOY Data Form: 31 May 2017




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