Manager Notification Training

Thursday, August 24, 2017 05:44 PM

Service highlights

Teaches legally sound and respectful techniques to notify employees of their separation

Prepares responses for a range of reactions from those who are being notified

Develops strategies for communicating with remaining employees


Target audience

Manager notification training is designed to assist managers who are involved in making individual or group termination notifications.


Key Benefit

Managers learn the necessary skills to conduct a legally sound, yet sensitive separation discussion, significantly improving the odds of a successful notification process.


Service Overview

This program helps managers become more comfortable and effective during notifications.

Participants learn how to handle the subject with skill and compassion, and how to respond to potential employee reactions.



Workshop Opening:

Objectives and Session Agenda

The Psychological Contract

Image of Successful Separation

Structure of Notification Meeting

Types of Reactions and Recommended Responses

Final Preparations


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