Leader and Manager Readiness in the Age of Disruption

Tuesday, September 5, 2017 10:08 AM

3rd PMAP Webinar with Jeremy Blain of Cegos

The birth of PMAP webinar made members clamor for more learning sessions as these helped members participate more without worrying about the traffic. 

The 3rd PMAP Webinar welcomed new and first time experiences with speaker Mr. Jeremy Blain, Regional Managing Director for Cegos Asia Pacific on the topic “Leading and Managing in the Age of Disruption.” This is the first time to have a speaker communicating remotely from abroad and it was also PMAP Trustee Ms. Dina Loomis’ first time to moderate a webinar. 

The participants for this 3rd webinar were 108, the highest number of attendees so far.

To continuously follow PMAP’s webinar sessions kindly visit our website www.pmap.org.ph or follow PMAP’s facebook www.facebook.com/pmap1956. 


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