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Wednesday, December 5, 2018 06:06 PM

F – Future of Work

Driven by accelerating connectivity, new talent frameworks, and cognitive tools, future of work is evolving rapidly: thus, the entry of the gig economy, AI and robotics, among others. What trends on the future of work are we expecting? How would these translate to how we do things in our respective organizations?

O - Outside-in

We must have an outside in / design thinking mind to reconsider how jobs and organization culture are created and designed,and adapt and learn quickly for future growth. How should we strategize and design our organizations to future-proof our place in the market? How should we design jobs moving forward?

C – Collaboration

Organizations should be customer-centric and should have increased agility, flexibility, and alignment to deliver customer expectations. Key to achieve this is via Digital Transformation. What does Digital Transformation entail? How can we implement this in our respective organizations?

U – Unison

HR should champion unity of purpose and vision – ensuring singular cadence and momentum from different stakeholders to ensure success that transcends organization boundaries. How should we unify humanity and the future of work? What is HR’s role on this imperative?

S – Sustainability

Responding to stakeholder expectations will inevitably recalibrate our business to include meaningful impacts, such as how responsibly we use resources today, how adequately we respond to issues such as climate change, how we innovate as consumer behavior continues to shift towards emerging trends on health and wellness, and how accountable we are as an organization. Do we have a sustainability agenda in our respective organizations? How do we do this if we do not have this yet?


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