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People Management Association of the Philippines


Date Program Facilitator
January 23-24 Designing the Pay Structure Bobby Marquez
January 23-24 Job Evaluation & Salary Structuring Girlie Zulaybar
January 30-31 Competency Design and Development Hector Hernandez
January 30-31 Training the Trainers Gerrie Baricaua


Date Program Facilitator
February 5-6 Competency Based Interviewing Techniques Diwi Rocha
February 7-8 CBA Negotiations Atty. Noli Payos
February 12-13 HR Analytics Patricio Picazo
February 14-15 Fundamentals of Organization Development Gerrie Baricaua
February 20-21 Compensation Management, Measurement & Analysis Bobby Marquez
February 21-22 Fundamentals of Learning & Development Luigi Mapa
February 21-22 Business Writing  
February 26-27 Auditing HR Processes and Procedures Flor Glinoga
February 27-28 Successful Supervision Barbie Atienza


Date Program Facilitator
March 5-6 Drivers of Employee Engagement Regina Dy
March 7-8 Job Evaluation & Salary Structuring Girlie Zulaybar
March 7-8 Assertive Communication  
March 12-13 Training the Trainers Gerrie Baricaua
March 14-15 Fundamentals of Employee Discipline Atty. Noli Payos
March 20-21 Competency Based Talent Management Beth Morales
March 26-27 OD Theories, Tools and Practices Ric Abadesco
March 28-29 Essentials of Human Resource Management  


Date Program Facilitator
April 3-4 Designing a Variable Pay Program Pat Picazo
April 4-5 Understanding Psychological Test & Assessment Flor Glinoga
April 9-10 Competency-Based Recruitment & Selection Girlie Zulaybar
April 10-11 Administering Labor Standard and Benefits Atty. Rey Destura
April 11-12 Results-Oriented Training Design Luigi Mapa
April 23-24 HR Analytics Gigi Geronimo
April 23-24 Auditing HR Processes and Procedures Flor Glinoga
April 25-26 Designing and Implementing a Performance Management Program Girlie Zulaybar
April 25-26 Managing Development and Succession Planning Ric Abadesco





people management association of the philippines

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