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The Asian Institute of Human Resource Management (AIHRM) formerly Center for Human Resource Management (CHRM) is the Association’s training arm. Drawing from the collective expertise of seasoned Human Resources Management practitioners from the ranks of PMAP, the AIHRM provides continuing professional education through its various degree and non-degree programs (Public Seminars and In House Training). Further, given AIHRM’s standing partnerships with different institutions of higher learning, PMAP’s programs offer a perfect mix of theory and practice: up-to-date concepts and trends as applied in real-life work situations!

Committed to Continuing Professional Education

As a professional association, the People Management Association of the Philippines (PMAP) helps institutions mold an enlightened, competent, socially responsible, and influential sector of people managers who can effectively participate in nation-building. Firm on its belief that people in organizations are the core source of competitive advantage in today’s knowledge-driven economy, PMAP through its training arm – the Asian Institute of Human Resource Management (AIHRM) (formerly Center for Human Resource Management) – helps its members become more effective on the job by teaching the human aspect of management via numerous career development fora and training programs. Advocating for people development, various programs have been designed to enhance competencies of every professional in managing people effectively and maximizing human resources potential so that both employee and organizational goals are successfully met.

The competitive advantage of AIHRM’s continuing professional education programs rests in the marriage of theory and practice. AIHRM maintains strong relationships with key academic institutions across the country. They serve as delivery partners for the Certificate Courses and Diploma Programs regularly rolled out. Complementing these academic linkages is the deep bench of seasoned practitioners who serve as lecturers and resource persons. This blend infuses academic rigor to the collective wisdom of actual industry practice.

Aside from the conscious effort to bridge theory and practice, AIHRM’s training programs are calibrated with its credentialing and accreditation activities. Patterned after the HR Competency Framework, the training programs’ curriculum ensures a developmental approach to professional education: programs are tailored for each competency level – novice, specialist, strategist, and visionary – thereby helping practitioners gain progressive expertise to secure desired accreditation.




people management association of the philippines

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