HR Business Partnering

Jul 20 2017 - Jul 21 2017 | TBA
P25,000.00-MEMBER | P30,000.00-NON MEMBER

People Management Association of the Philippines
Compensation Management, Measurement and Analysis
HR Business Partnering
“Re-aligning HR interface within the
Business - Support Groups”
Date: July 20-21 Venue: TBA
Fee: P25,000 - Member P30,000 - Non Member
Program Overview:
   HR is one of the world’s fastest-growing fields which present HR professionals with an unprecedented opportunity for global advancement. But for many organizations that opportunity has been filled with HR Generalists, long on skills but short on experience in other areas of the business. These partnerships are proven frustrations for both sides. Now, more than ever, HR professionals need a whole new set of competencies, some related to talent and some related to business to deliver the results their organizations.

   Human Resources Business Partner (HRBP) is a 2-day course designed to cover the key set of knowledge and skills that HR Professionals must own in order to shift from being a service provider to a partner capable of full participation in business strategic outcomes. It will cover best practices in building partnership across the organization to develop professionals’ services and ensure business partner values in the organization. This course also aims to provide a glimpse of some important compensation metrics by way of introducing the participants to the concept of compensation dashboard.
   2 - Day Program
Learning Objectives:
   At the end of the training, participants should be able to:
  Understanding Psychological Tests & Assessments Establish norms for building a high performing HR team;
  Understanding Psychological Tests & Assessments Clarify their various roles and goals in the organization;
  Understanding Psychological Tests & Assessments Identify best practices in building partnership between HR and the Line;
  Understanding Psychological Tests & Assessments Create initiatives to manage the necessary changes in HR practices;
  Understanding Psychological Tests & Assessments Develop professional services to truly partner the business;
  Understanding Psychological Tests & Assessments Ensure HR business partners increase their value to the organization;
  Understanding Psychological Tests & Assessments Enhance the contribution and careers of HR professionals.
  Understanding Psychological Tests & Assessments Gain to develop knowledge and skills to improve workplace effectiveness and productivity;
  Understanding Psychological Tests & Assessments Strengthen your competencies and productivity through effective global HR training;
  Understanding Psychological Tests & Assessments Enhancing organizational effectiveness by supporting strategic change initiatives;
  Understanding Psychological Tests & Assessments Identify key methods and practical guidelines for many global HR tasks.
   There are no pre-course requirements needed to attend the course
Target Audience:
  Understanding Psychological Tests & Assessments HR Managers / Officers / Specialists;
  Understanding Psychological Tests & Assessments Line Managers involved in implementing HR Policies and Programs;
  Understanding Psychological Tests & Assessments OD and HRD Managers supporting the Business and HR partners.
Program Structure and Outline:
   The Program is delivered using a combination of instructor-led lectures, case study and exercises on practical implementation of the concepts discussed within the training. The topics presented below define the areas of focus under the program.
  Understanding Psychological Tests & Assessments The Changing World of HRM
       arrow Introduction to HR Business Partnering
       arrow HR Partnering as Part of Strategic
  Understanding Psychological Tests & Assessments Implementing Business Partnership
       arrow Creating the Vision for HR
       arrow Making the Case for HR Business Partnering
       arrow Introduction to Stakeholder Mapping
       arrow Assessing Readiness for HR Business Partnering
       arrow Identifying and Mapping HR Processes
       arrow Identifying Future HR Roles
       arrow Lessons Learned from other Organizations
  Understanding Psychological Tests & Assessments Developing as an HR Business Partner
       arrow HR Business Partner Competencies
       arrow Influencing Skills Checklist
       arrow Gaining Credibility
       arrow Demonstrating Added Value
  Understanding Psychological Tests & Assessments Developing as an HR Business Partner
       arrow Understanding Organizational Politics
       arrow Overseeing Projects
       arrow Using Consultancy Skills
       arrow Partnering Development Plans
  Understanding Psychological Tests & Assessments Tools to Use within the Business
       arrow HR Organizational Strategy
       arrow Functional Performance
            arrow System Driven Process & Workflow
       arrow Human Capital
            arrow Process Automation & Service Delivery
       arrow Predictive Strategy-Support
            arrow Enterprise-wide Systems and Data Mining
       arrow Cognizant Analytics Approach – “HRTIPS”
       arrow Capability Alignment
       arrow Shifting approach - Operational to Strategic
       arrow Organizational Metrics
  Understanding Psychological Tests & Assessments Tools to Assess the Effectiveness of HR Business Partnering
       arrow Measuring HR business Partner Effectiveness
       arrow Assessing the Effectiveness of HR Business Partners
       arrow Reviewing the Partnering Model
  Understanding Psychological Tests & Assessments Brief Presentations
  Understanding Psychological Tests & Assessments Triad Activities
  Understanding Psychological Tests & Assessments Toolkit Applications
  Understanding Psychological Tests & Assessments Case Studies
  Understanding Psychological Tests & Assessments Role Modeling

Kamesh Ganeson


Understanding Psychological Tests & Assessments
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Understanding Psychological Tests & Assessments
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