What is PMAP?


Over Fifty Years of Professional Traditions

On 29 September 1956, thirty-seven (37) executives representing varied industrial and business establishments in Manila, held the first organization meeting of what would become known as the Personnel Management Association of the Philippines at the Rizal Hall of the University of the Philippines (UP) Institute of Public Administration. They believed then - as members still do today - that an association must be organized in a manner that directly addresses its members´ needs and responds to individual, institutional, and even to national growth. Guided by this belief, these executives set into motion the establishment of what is today´s premier organization of human resource management professionals.

When the Association´s legal charter was renewed on its 50th year of existence, it changed the word "Personnel" to "People" in the PMAP corporate name. The change explicitly acknowledges the emerging view that people in organizations have become the core source of competitive advantage in today´s knowledge-driven economy. It also opens the doors of our Association to line managers who are, in truth, the managers of people in organizations.

By Laws

True to its thrust of remaining responsive to its members´ needs and the changing times, PMAP updated its by laws as deemed fit.

The amended by laws and articles of incorporation were approved by PMAP´s general membership on 24 April 2013 and were duly registered with the SEC on 16 September 2013.

Resources : PMAP By Laws (24 April 2013).pdf

Development Plan

In 2011, PMAP came up with a five-year development plan that set the directions and goals on areas deemed as critical to the continued relevance and sustainability of the Association. Further, by providing a roadmap for future officers and members to take, the development plan aimed to address issues of continuity, alignment, and the clarification of PMAP´s unique value proposition. All these done to provide optimal service to the Association´s members and other stakeholders.





Organized for Growth and Stability

Elected annually, PMAP´s Officers and Board of Directors set the directions of the Association. Supported by Committees which in turn are driven by volunteer members, the Officers and Board of Directors also lead in the execution of PMAP´s various initiatives and activities.

Affiliated bodies also function under PMAP´s umbrella. Among these are:

  • the Philippine Society of Fellows (PSOF) in People Management whose Accreditation Ccouncil bestows the professional titles of Diplomate in People Management (DPM), Fellow in People Management (FPM), and Associate Fellow in People Management (AFPM) to individual practitioners in recognition of their level of professional competence.
  • the Asian Institute of Human Resource Management (AIHRM), the Association´s training arm that provides continuing professional education through its various degree and non-degree programs.
  • the Council of Past Presidents that provides guidance to the PMAP Board on issues of policy, thrusts, and strategies.
  • the HRM Foundation that seeks grants and funding to sustain various PMAP programs. 
  • the Junior PMAP (JPMAP) - the Association´s youth development arm that functions as a microcosm of PMAP as it maintains its own committees, monthly meetings, learning sessions, and the like with its membership roster coming from colleges and universities nationwide.

Professional Staff

PMAP´s Committees are supported by a group of full-time Professional Satff (PS). The PS acts as the operational information center, secretariat, and hub of all activities in the organization. Housed in the PMAP Center, the PS provides technical and administrative support to the work programs of the Board, Executive Committee, and the affiliated bodies within PMAP.


Rene M. Gener, DPM Executive Director

Renato C. Del Rosario Accounting/Membership Services Group Head
Rowena F. Austria Accoounting Specialist
Rhona J. Bagarinao Membership Coordinator
Reyshel Marie R. Lalongisip Membership Coordinator
Rhea Mae L. Paragsa Membership Coordinator

Richard H. Mamuyac Asian Institute of Human Resources Management Head
Joana Felise T. Tumpalan Training Coordinator

Sarah L. Niguas  Research Head
Narryl L.Cabuena Research Assistant
Rapahael Vittorio D. Gaisano Research Assistant
Angela Isabel G. Nery Research Assistant

Cacay C. Ponce De Leon Events Management Group Head
Carolyn S. Alcances Events Management Coordinatior

Bernadette T. Tan HR and Admin Head
Marcial G. Roldan Admin Specialist

Jeffrey P. Palma Information and Communication Technology Head
Delius M. Rosales Web Content Coordinator







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