54th PMAP Annual Conference

People Management Association of the Philippines
     We are disrupting this year’s Annual Conference. From the usual 3 days, we are offering a jam-packed, no frills 2-day Conference.
     This year’s theme is straight-forward: Disruptive HR in a Digital and Borderless World.
     The theme has 3 elements on it: (1) Disruptive HR, (2) Digital; and (3) Borderless (Global / Regional). The 2 days with 6 Plenary Sessions and 24 Concurrent Sessions ensure to cover all these 3 elements.

   The Concurrent Sessions will offer a variety of topics that will focus on how HR technology innovation will bring employee experience to the fore.  “Built for the cloud” technology and how it will redefine HR functions and organization culture; reinvented performance and goal management; successful technology start-ups and their impact on the work economy; and growing predictive analytics are among the concrete topics to be covered.

     Annual Conference fees will be more cost-effective compared to previous years to ensure we are able to reach more members and non-members, especially the MSMEs. For those craving for more, as an add-on, on October 13, participants can opt to enroll with additional fees in 3 Master Classes which would further drill down into actionable items the key learnings in the 2-Day Conference.
     The current wave of technology-led HR transformation now offers a range of potentially promising new paradigms and tools to help our organizations and leadership teams better manage and engage our critical talents. These will be covered in our PMAP Annual Conference 2017. Indeed, our battle cry is to be a Disruptive HR Group in a Digital and Borderless World.  Please see link for the teaser video.
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