43rd PMAP Awards



The PMAP Awards were institutionalized in 1977 with the vision to recognize outstanding organizations and individuals to help advance the people management profession in the country.

There are three categories for the PMAP Awards - Employer of the Year, People Manager of the Year and the People Program of the Year. These awards may be vied for by organizations and individuals in both the private and public sectors.

The PMAP Awards program has achieved a number of milestones since its institution. In 2011, the first Employer of the Year for Small and Medium Enterprises was awarded. In 2014, the PMAP Awards started recognizing outstanding organizations and individuals in the public/government sector. In 2016, the PMAP Awards formally introduced its own criteria for the Employer of the Year and People Program of the Year Awards. This criteria is based on the People Management Excellence Framework, a product of an in-depth analysis of practices and characteristics of past Employer of the Year awardees and was written by PMAP Past President Mr. Enrique V. Abadesco, DPM.

Starting 2017, the PMAP Awards not only recognized the winners of the three categories but the finalists as well through the PMAP Exemplar Award. This award recognizes their outstanding contributions and best practices in human resource management.

Now on its 43rd year, the PMAP Awards program hopes to continue this tradition of recognizing the best practices in the people management field for others to emulate. The program also hopes to expand its reach by introducing a regional awards search.




The Employer of the Year (EOY) Award aims to give recognition to a company that satisfactorily fulfils its people management responsibilities, as demonstrated by its leadership, dynamism, professionalism, strategic thinking and implementation, continuous improvement in HR processes and programs, linkage of HR to business objectives, and employee focus.

This award is meant to give public honor to the company for others to emulate its example.

The criteria for the award is adopted from the People Management Excellence Framework crafted by PMAP Past President Enrique V. Abadesco, DPM.


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The People Manager of the Year (PMY) Award recognizes the HR practitioner who has imbibed and modelled the strategic role of human resources in the organizations he has been connected with through the exceptional people initiatives and programs addressing business challenges. The awardee continues to make significant contribution to the development of the HR profession. He is actively involved in advocacy and community work. He strives to continuously achieve personal mastery and a balanced life and is known for his integrity, fairness and sincerity.


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The People Program of the Year (PPY) Award is given to a company/organization for its relevant, unique, innovative and/or cutting-edge program, which is designed to provide meaningful contribution and enhance or improve employer-employee relations or meet a specific need of the company or industry.

The program being nominated must be running for at least 2 years by the time of nomination and may represent any of the following areas:

  • Talent Acquisition
  • Talent Management and Development
  • Compensation and Benefits
  • Organization Development
  • Labor/Employee Relations
  • Employee Engagement
  • Wellness

The criteria for the award is adopted from the People Management Excellence Framework crafted by PMAP Past President Enrique V. Abadesco, DPM.


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