Membership Types


Any company, corporation, partnership, association, firm, etc. of good standing may be admitted to membership, under such terms and conditions as may be prescribed by the PMAP Board of Directors. The corporate member shall designate a regular representative to PMAP, and should be its Human Resource Manager or a company executive, and an alternate who is of supervisory rank performing people management functions.

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Individual membership shall be limited to persons of good moral standing in the community and have an outstanding track record in the field of HR management and/or People Management. Individual membership shall be classified as follows:

  • PROFESSIONAL – a seasoned HR practitioner serving in same capacity as time of membership, has voting rights and can be voted upon.
  • AFFILIATE – a specialist in HR, but has not attained qualification as Professional; has voting rights and can be voted upon.
  • ASSOCIATE – line and staff managers engaged in people management, have voting rights, but cannot be voted upon.

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